Code Jam

The Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference (CSGC) Cod Jam is an event that challenges game developers to build a game with in a time constraint and meets a specific theme.

Our 168-Hour Code Jam gives entrants a full week to work on their game project, at their own pace and in the comfort of their own space.

Code Jam Submission Overview

All teams (of up to four individuals) must pre-register for the Code Jam.
Each team will receive an email the day before the week leading up to the expo containing this year's code jam theme and requirements.

  • All teams must pre-register for this event by March 31st.
  • All entries must be a fully functional game
  • All game components (programming, art, music, etc..) must be developed within the 168-hours (one week) leading up to the expo.
    • Copyrighted images, audio, footage and characters can not be used. (ie. Celebrity photos, movie screen grabs, drawings of copyrighted logos, characters, etc. and so forth).
    • Creative Commons / Licenced  external , publicly available , libraries (For example Java libraries or free assets from the Unity Asset store) can be used.
  • Games may be built in any language and using any engine
  • The game must meet the theme requirements or may be disqualified at the discretion of the judges.
  • All submissions must be appropriate for all viewing ages
    • MUST NOT contain any offensive language, graphic content, and suggestive themes (ex. sex, drugs and alcohol).
  • All submissions must include a game design document
  • All code jam games must be submitted in full by April 7th 


2019 Code JAM Theme

Will be announced on April 1st


All entrants shall provide a game design document with their submission. The document should include the following information:

  • Implantation of Theme - overview of how the code jam's theme has been applied to the game
  • Game Features - unique selling point or features
  • Gameplay Overview - demonstrate the a little bit of the game for the judges
  • Constraints - Describe limitations due to the time constraints, and methods used to speed up development
  • Development Team - who are the people who built this game and their roles
  • Project Summary - Provide a summary of your submission


All submissions must be displayed during the exhibition day (April 13) of CSGC.  A maximum of one functional set-up for the submission is required. Entrants must bring their own equipment to display their game demos for judges and expo attendees during the event. See full competition rules and regulations for details about set-up and equipment.


Judges will review all submissions prior to the day of competition. All submissions must be submitted by April 7, 2019.  All submissions must be displayed by the entering team on April 13, 2019, for the entirety of the exhibition. Winners will be announced at the Award Ceremony following the exhibition; winners must be present to receive award.

Below are the judging criteria for the Game Showcase

  1. Creativity - Did the game meet the theme requirements
  2. Game Mechanics - Is the game functional, does the structure / game boundaries make sense
  3. Gameplay - Is the game fun to play? Is there an invitation to the player (reason to play)
  4. Technology - Does the game make use of interesting or advance techniques, technology, engine or language
  5. Art Style - Is the art style consistent and appealing?
  6. Completion - how ambitious was this project ? How much of the original game idea was implemented within the time constraints of the competition
  7. Other - If present judges may take note of in additional feature such as audio and musical score.



All entrants must accept and acknowledge the competition rules and requirements upon registering for this competition.

NOTE: All submission details and competition rules are being revised and maybe subject to change.
Final details will be set no later than January 2019.