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The Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference (CSGC) brings together students, educators, professionals and enthusiasts for two days of learning, innovation, networking and gaming. From VR and game design to visual effects and digital art, CSGC features inspiring talks, workshops and exhibits.

CSGC also hosts the LARGEST GAME DEVELOPMENT COMPETITION IN THE CENTRAL US (formerly known as the Heartland Gaming Expo) for students and indie professionals.

Our goal is to provide a platform for students and indie developers, visitors, companies, and organizations to educate, create, explore, and collaborate within the field of computer simulation and gaming.


Mission Launch Date APRIL 12 & 13 2019

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2019 Global Game Jammers

Game Developers Join Forces

Over the weekend game designers and developers from all around the Tulsa area joined forces to work on a game for the Global Game Jam in just 48-hours. The Global Game …

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