Competitor Registration Opens

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It’s tip-off time! We are happy to announce that the CSGC 2020 competitor registration is now open!

CSGC Competitor Registration 

We are using the same registration process as we did last year. The key thing to remember is that only one person for any of the team registrations needs to enter the submission. 

The following categories are individual submission only (no teams):

If you entered one of the game team competitions, you are still free to submit your created assets as part of the Game Assets competition, separately. 

How to Register

Last year we put together a comprehensive video on how to enter CSGC competition and it is still very relevant. 

Note that the video above goes over the 168-hour Code Jam, which we are no longer hosting. Instead, we now have a Physical Game category which we encourage you to enter in. 

Register Today

You are welcome to register for any of the competitions starting Feb 1, 2020. You do not need to submit your final submission to the competitions until the deadline of March 31st. 

After creating your profile and registering you can at any point return and update your submissions. 

If you registered for a competition last year you do not need to create a new profile on our competition site. Instead simply login to your account and register for this year’s competitions. 

So what are you waiting for? Register Today! 

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