CSGC 2019 is a wrap and with that we want to once again thank everyone who participated from our competitors, attendees, speakers, judges and amazing volunteers.

You guys have all out done yourselves and we couldn’t make this event happen with out all of you.

In case you missed the event, we wanted to share with you all the amazing game design and development entries from this year’s event. The video playlist above has all the submission for game design and game development completions.


We are still working on putting together a full photo album of the event and an video of the awards ceremony for this year’s CSGC.

In the mean time here is the list of our 2019 Winning submissions:



2) PONG_Goodlife

1) Unreal_Goodlife


1) Pink-Man


3) fishfrenzy

2) Maroya

1) Dino Quest


3) Critical Mass

2) Z-space

1) Gilda’s Grimoire 


3) The Realm of Zen

2) Astro 

1) Boogie Bot 


2) Last Opportunity

1) The Galactic Coffee Confederation



2) The Twin Daughters of The Forest King  

1) Grayscale 


3) Rune Knights

2) Gaming With a Purpose 

1) Jansen’s Reality Extravaganza 

Game Design COLLEGE

2) The Legend of Larkspur 

1) Outer Mind



1) Telltale Heart


1) Windows to the Soul


3) Ocean Pollution Awareness Posters

2) Blender Renders

1) Shiny Armor


Digital Art & Animation : Blender Renders

Game Design : Game With a Purpose

Game Development: Dino Quest

6 thoughts on “CSGC 2019 WINNERS ANNOUNCED

  1. Brittany Starks Reply

    Is there not a category for Concept Art College or did it get looped in with Game Design? A bit confused.

    • Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference Reply

      The judges found that not all submissions in the Concept Art category meet the requirements for that category. However, they did meet the requirements for the Game Design category and were judged for both competitions.
      With the addition of our new Digital Art competition the judges are looking into reworking the requirements for next year so that their is less confusion between these three categories.

  2. Brittany Starks Reply

    Is there anyway that someone could tell us what requirements were missed? Just want to be prepared for next year. We were pretty sure we got everything but it seems we missed something.

    • Aurora Musser Reply

      I would like to know the answer to this as well. My team followed the listed rules exactly, but ended up placed in another category that we did not prepare for (Game Design). What exactly are you looking for that we either missed, or you failed to specify? We worked on our project every day for over 5 months to create the best work possible, and are honestly heartbroken that all of that seemed to be for nothing. We submitted our Game Pitch correctly, we had our (far more than minimum 3) environments, characters, and storyboards submitted via web page, etc. I find it highly questionable and unethical that you would disqualify us for something that you failed to specify on the submission guidelines. If I have missed something integral here, please let me know. This competition ended up being a complete disaster and I really want to know why.

      • Computer Simulation & Gaming Conference Reply

        On behalf of the judges for the Concept Art and Concept Game Design contest we would like to apologize if there has been any confusion in the contests or the contest results.
        When the judging was taking place we noticed several entries in the concept art contest that appeared to have been miss entered in to the wrong category. This assumption was made due to the missing word ‘concept’ from the entry form for the ‘concept game design’ category, there were dual entries into both categories, and that the entries appeared to be excellent concept game pitches. These assumed entries were then judged in both categories. The judges also made this decision as several of the ‘concept art’ entries did not meet the full criteria for the art entries. A number of entries for did not contain links to or working links to art works, presentation videos or working links to presentation videos, no mention of little mentioning of the actual art in the video presentation, and unfortunately there were some outright disqualifications. The judges felt as though this was the right decision to make as the top four contenders in concept game design were well done and it was a very close call.
        We understand that this has confused some people and we are aware that there needs to be some changes made. The judges have already been in discussions about how to resolve these issues going forward.
        If you entered into ‘concept art’ and want to focus on just art, we encourage you to enter in this category again with more focus on your art and its creation, rather than on story or game play.
        If you entered in ‘concept art’ and found yourselves in ‘concept game design’ we encourage you to enter in this category again as we were thrilled by the results.
        Again on behalf of the judges we apologize for the confusion.

        • Aurora Musser Reply

          While we are disappointed with the outcome, we appreciate that you took the time to provide an explanation. Now that the confusion has been cleared up and we understand what happened, we can move past it and work on bettering our submission for next year. Thank you.

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