How to Register as a Competitor for CSGC 2019

This year’s CSGC has completely revamped all competitions with new rules, requirements and submission details. With that we also have a brand new competitor’s website  and in the video above we walk you through the process of registering for a competition and what you’ll need to submit.

Big Changes

In addition to our yearly competitions, the Game Development Showcase, Game Design Gallery and the 168-hour Code Jam, this year we’ve add a bunch of new competitions to our event including a Computer Animation Festival, Digital Art Show, and Computer Simulation Showcase.

However, the biggest change regarding our competition is that all entries must be submitted digitally by April 7, 2019, for judging. This is one week before the exhibition date on April 13, 2019.

Depending on the competition, competitors will submit a Youtube video link and/or a shareable URL to their project entry. This means that competitors will need to host their submission themselves on on a site like DropboxGoogle DriveOne Drive, and or on your personal website.


In the past our judges have expressed the limited amount of time they had to judge and that they did not have the ability to provide the competitors with valuable feedback. Thus, with digital submissions our judges will a have one week to judge all entries, giving them the time they need to critique each submission.

In place of the judges asking questions of the competitors, the competitors will submit a Youtube video which will provide an overview of their project (e.g. game proposal).  Be sure to read the specified rules and requirements for each competition as they will be different.

Exhibition and Awards

Another big change this year is that CSGC will be divided into two days. The first day, Friday April 12, is our conference day. This day will be exclusively for speaking sessions, workshops and presentations.

The exhibition/competition day will be Saturday April 13, and will feature booths by exhibitors and competitors demoing their products and contest entries. All competitors are required to display and/or demo their entries the day of exhibition. For more information see the competitors rules and regulations.

The Awards Ceremony will take place Saturday April 13, after exhibition. All winners must be present to accept their awards. Note that while all judging takes place prior to the event, the People’s Choice award will be done via public voting the day of the exhibition.

More Information

We hope that the information above and in the video will provide you with all the information you need to get registered as a 2019 CSGC competitor.

If you have any further questions or inquires, please feel free to email us at:

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